Star Virtual Services LLC - Work from home as a Customer Service Professional
Become a Specialist Today!
Do you have a great customer care attitude and the self discipline it takes to work with out constant supervision? Then YOU are the kind of person that Star Virtual Services LLC is looking for!! Be part of the NEW American Job Force!!!
  • You CAN earn an income AND extra money in this economy 
  • You are able to work part time or full time 
  • You can earn an income while you are taking care of your family or elderly parents going to school, working another job, your hobbies ANYTHING!!
  • You are now able spend more time with your family and loved ones
  • You choose the days and hours you work 
  • College Students can work around class schedules
  • If you are disabled, you are now able to work from home and earn an income
  • Military families that move often, can have a stable income frustrating com
Star Virtual Services has many work-at-home opportunities available to suit your needs.liticsNo frustrating commute or office politics                    -You can service clients from the comfort of your own home   -Work around your family's
How Does It Work?
Everyone has to work right? But why does work have to get in the way of things that mean so much to us like our family, friends and hobbies? Life is so important, everyday should be a memory. Star Virtual Services LLC now has Client Support Professionals in 27 states.Out of over 30,000 businesses in our Venfor, Arise's network Star Virtual Services is One of 26 Exclusive Premier Partners!!! We provide inbound customer service for fortune 500 companies. Essentially it’s a call center, but you work FROM YOUR HOME!!! Choose from over 50 clients whom are well known global corporations, train for that client right on your computer in an instructor led classroom, choose your schedule from hours that are available by that client and answer calls from those clients’ customers, as if you were in their call center, but you never leave your home! Part time, full time, full time plus, work around school schedules, other jobs, your family, retired and want something to do, we are here to accommodate all of those situations and so many more. Our team is amazing and gets a chance to interact via meetings and chat rooms. These companies are American companies; no need to send the customer service work of our successful American companies over sea’s when we have American’s here who want to work for well-known fortune 500 American companies. Providing jobs to America, to keep money in America, to give ourselves the memories of everyday being successful in our career, in our family and every other aspect of life is priceless. Let Star Virtual Services LLC provide you the avenue to be successful and happy just as it has provided my family and for those whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing their testimonials of how our partnership has enriched their lives and the lives of those around them. Work from home as a Client Support Professional!
How Much Can I Earn?
The beauty about being a contrator and setting your own hours, is your income is completely in YOUR control! The average pay is generally between $9.00-$16.00 per hour. A $25 Referral Bonus to those that are not contracted with SVS and a $50 for those that are already contracted with SVS. This Bonus is awarded to the referer upon the CSP's certification of a client and fulfilment of their first SOW (statement of work). Thank you for caring about someone enough to share this amazing opportunity information!!
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